Baby Malcolms Raffle

November 3, 2008

Baby Malcolms is hosting a raffle to raise money for new services and products. Thanks to our sponsors we are able to give away many great prizes. This raffle will begin Tuesday November 4th, and the drawing will take place on Friday November 14th. We will post all the winners on the website November 14th by 8:00 PM so remember to check back in on Friday!! Baby Malcolms thanks all its supporters and those who participate in the Raffle.

Prizes for the Raffle are as follows:

1st prize: $500 towards the spring break of your choice (sponsored by Prize: Perfect Pull-up (sponsored by Prize: 3 Cases of Rockstar Will be given as prizes with your choice of flavor (guava, pomegranate, original, Citrus)4th Prize: 5 Free Deliveries will be awarded from Baby Malcolms.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their help.



Sandwich Of the Week

October 16, 2008

Baby Malcolms Will offer a unique sandwich every week that is guaranteed to EXCEED the EXPECTATIONS of your Taste-Buds. Every order of the Sandwich of the Week will come with a Complimentary Rockstar Energy Drink.


This delicacy consists of a Hamburger seasoned to perfection topped with a Fried egg, American cheese, Onions, lettuce and smothered in a golden barbecue sauce.

This sandwich has a long and colorful history. Dating back to 1932 when Jon Albert’s Grandfather Irving Albert tripped over a bundle of brush wood. He was in the Boy Scouts and was at the semiannual camp out. It was a bare bones survival night where all they had was a hamburger meat, fried eggs, american cheese, onions, lettuce, golden barbecue sauce and a few pieces of bread. Young Irving cooked this over an open flame. And so the legend of the SUNY Albert began.

GEE WHIZ!!! All of a sudden a great wind crept over the mountains and blew the flame out but dont fear because the sandwich was already made. Enough to feed all the young boys. And the SUNY Albert was donned the BLACKOUT.